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Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

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As many Canadian cannabis enthusiasts claim, weed gummy bears are the best afternoon treats. They’re tasty, they’re discreet, they have a great texture, and they can get you high in 30 minutes or less. Moreover, when consuming tasty THC gummies, you don’t need to worry about the potential harms that come with inhaling smoke. For those reasons, these little fellas are perfect for novices and experts alike.

Or in other words:

THC infused gummy bears, so tasty and bright,
A treat that’s sure to elevate your night.

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Let’s take a look at the best weed gummy bears you can buy in Canada nowadays. 

The 10 best marijuana gummy bears in Canada in 2023 (containing THC)

1. Extreme Strength Indica Westcoast Teddies by Mary’s Edibles 

Buy Extreme Strength Indica Westcoast Teddies 300mg THC Mary%E2%80%99s Edibles Cannabis Online 600x600 - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

The Extreme Strength Indica Westcoast Teddies are a great option for experienced cannabis consumers. Each pack contains a single gummy bear that packs 300 mg of THC. 

Even experienced cannabis users who gradually increased their tolerance over the years should be careful when consuming this teddy. You should start with 1/8 of the teddy and wait for 30 – 50 minutes before eating more. 

But don’t worry, the gummy will be just as flavourful if you consume it at a later time. You can store the gummy at room temperature for three months or refrigerate it for up to an entire year. 

Legends say that people who consume an entire gummy bear find themselves watching the second season of a show they didn’t know they liked while on the phone with Blockbuster’s support service. 

Consume at your own risk. You have been warned.


2. Adventure Pack by Ether Edibles 

Just as the name suggests, the Adventure pack sends the user on a psychedelic adventure. This pack of gummies comes with 4 delicious edibles of 75 mg of THC each. The pack is varied and it contains four of the top-selling products of the previous month, so you won’t get the same gummies every time you order. Adventure pack 1 - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

However, you still get a hefty dose of THC, whether you get a warm, a bear, or a ring.  


3. THC Bottle Caps by Vava

The THC Bottle Caps are great for those who are on a diet because they’re sugar-free. Even though you might get a package that clearly states that the bottle caps contain sugar, you shouldn’t be worried because they don’t. vava - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

However, some packages list sugar as an ingredient because Andrew, Vava’s intern, decided to consume some of the company’s renowned stock of THC gummies before printing the labels. That didn’t go well, and Andrew has not touched the printer since. 

Anyway, these bad boys are delicious on their own, they don’t need sugar. In addition, each Bottle Cap contains 10 mg of THC, so they can bring forth a lovely buzz. 


4. 4 Pack Mix & Match by Twisted Extracts 

This offer gives you the possibility to choose up to 4 different types of gummies from Twisted Extracts at a good price. 

This pack is great because it gives you the opportunity to mix and match different types of flavours produced from Indica or Sativa strains. twisted extracts 4 pack bundle - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

You can choose between Sativa Cherry, Sativa Mango, Indica Black Cherry, Sativa Orange, Indica Raspberry, CBD Peach, CBD Pineapple, Hybrid 1:1 Grape, 1:1 Watermelon, CBD Cara Melts, Indica Cara Melts, and Sativa Cara Melts.  

So, this pack can help you get your hands on the ideal type of gummies, whether you’re looking to buy for medicinal or recreational reasons. 


5. THC Dino Gummy by Dino Gang 

The THC dino survived extinction and now its only plan is to cause mayhem. And get you high. Not necessarily in that order. dino gang gummie no package - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

This bad boi contains 100 mg of decarboxylated THC, so it’s very potent. You should split the dino in eight and eat each piece separately. Even when it’s split, the dino will send you straight to your couch if you have a low tolerance. 

The THC dino has a nice texture and a powerful taste. But the high it produces is simply amazing. You could end up hallucinating about a time when large creatures roamed the Earth watching as a meteor headed towards them… 

Oh wait… bad trip, get me outta here, dino! 


6. Gummy Candies by Aura Edibles

The Aura Gummy Candies are a great option for those who are looking for something healthy. These gummy candies are produced using only natural ingredients, and the company do not use chemicals or artificial sweeteners to improve their taste or aspect. Aura Edibles Gummy Candies - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

Each pack contains four candies, each with a concentration of 50 mg THC. The gummies are coloured using annatto seed and beet powder, and the flavour is achieved using hibiscus flower and turmeric. 


7. Variety Pack by ShipWreck Edibles 

The Variety pack is a delightful mix of different flavoured gummy bears. Each pack contains 15 gummies, and each gummy contains 10 mg of THC. 

variety pack - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

Thanks to the pack’s variety, you’re bound to find a gummy bear flavour you adore. The gummies come in peach mango, key lime, cherry, grape, and watermelon flavours, so there are plently of options to choose from. 

These gummies are very tasty and they don’t leave a weed aftertaste, which makes them ideal for noobies or for people who dislike the taste of cannabis. 


8. Citrus Sugar Free Jelly by Mota

mota citrus jelly sugar free main - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

The Citrus Sugar Free Jelly is a great option for those who are conscious of their nutrition and dietary needs even when consuming cannabis products. 

As the title indicates, this product does not contain sugar. However, the gummies retain all the essential elements you’d look for in gummy bears. They have a soft texture, powerful taste, and they melt in your mouth. 

A pack of Citrus Sugar Free Jelly contains a single gummy. Each gummy weighs 25 grams and contains 120 mg of THC. Due to the high THC concentration, this product is recommended to experienced cannabis users who built up their tolerance over the years. 

Even so, you should pace yourself when consuming this gummy. You should start with 1/8 and wait for 30 – 50 minutes before consuming more. Otherwise, you might find yourself rehearsing a Spice Girl choreography in front of the mirror while treating yourself with some ice-cream. 


9. 3 Pack Mix & Match by Mystic Medibles  

The Mix & Match pack by Mystic Medibles gives you the possibility to explore three different types of the company’s THC gummies at a great price. Each of the packs contains 6 gummies of 25 mg THC each for a total of 450 mg for the deal. 

mystic medibles 3 pack mix match 1 - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

And the great thing is Mystic Medibles offers some great options, flavour-wise. You can choose between Cola Blast, Grape Shock, Watermelon Sours, Peach Buzz, Sour Keys, or the classic Gummy Bears. 

Thanks to its diversity, strong flavour, and potent high, this offer is great for experienced cannabis users and novices alike. 


10. Black Clear Sphere by Mota 

IMG 1385 - Top 10 Weed Gummy Bears in Canada 2023 (with THC)

The Black Clear Sphere is made out of THC distillate, so it packs a damaging punch. Each pack contains a single gummy of 300 mg THC. However, the gummy is marked and can be easily split into 5 even parts of 60 mg apiece. 

Now, just because the gummy can easily be split into 5, that doesn’t mean you can’t split each piece further into multiple, smaller doses. 

You should split the gummy into multiple pieces and consume them one at a time, even if you built up your tolerance to cannabis over the years. 

Make no mistake, this gummy is powerful, so it’s not recommended for novice consumers. Thanks to its THC distillate content, the gummy can send you trippin’. You risk spending part of your night on the couch in a fetal position if you eat more than you should. 

As far as the flavour is concerned, this gummy has a strong taste of black cherry and a powerful aroma.

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