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A Quick Review Of The Suver Haze Strain

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Oregon CBD has produced some of the best and most popular CBD Hemp strains
on the market. Suver Haze is one of their newest creations, having been made
from a cross of Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. It offers a CBD-rich flower with
some excellent taste and smell characteristics. Although it still remains relatively
unknown, this strain is becoming more common as people realize its quality. We
managed to get ahold of some nice, fresh Suver Haze from a grower for best
results. Let’s review this bud and see how it stacks up against the others.

High CBD Content

The exact CBD content of Suver Haze will vary from plant to plant, of course.
However, it seems that this strain always tests high for CBD. An average figure
seems to be about 16.5% so that at least gives you a basic idea. The high CBD
content of Suver Haze is obviously meant to cater to medicinal users who need
larger doses for maximum effect.

You can bet that the medical benefits of Hemp will be enhanced by choosing a
more potent strain like this one. These benefits include the relief of anxiety and
sleep disorders, lower blood pressure, reduced pain and inflammation, relief
from seizures, and a number of other things. On top of everything else, CBD is a
neuroprotective antioxidant

Hybrid But Leans Toward A Sativa Effect

It can be harder to tell the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis
Indica when you are talking about CBD-dominant Hemp. Normally, you would
tell by the difference in their mental effects. Sativa is known for producing an
“energetic” mindset. Thus, it relaxes a person without putting them to sleep or
reducing their energy levels. Indica, on the other hand, is known for a more
sedative effect.

Although removing the THC makes these effects harder to detect, they can still
be seen. For instance, if you are using Hemp as a sleep aid you will probably find
that an Indica strain is more effective. Suver Haze is a hybrid strain, containing
DNA from both types. However, we found that its effects are more reminiscent
of a Sativa strain. Suver Haze did produce deep relaxation, but also an active

We found the effects to be mentally stimulating, so this is a good strain for
meditation or quiet analysis. Some might call it thinking hemp. This strain also produces a sense of well-being and happiness, making it great for depression sufferers.

Flavor And Aroma

We can’t forget about those little touches of flavor and aroma, as these are part
of what gives each strain its individual character. We find that this one has a
very spicy and herbal kind of aroma. It’s very unique, although we have
encountered strains with slightly similar properties.

The main terpenes found in Suver Haze include:
 Caryophyllene: Gives a spicy, pungent flavor. Also found in cinnamon,
pepper, and cloves. Only Terpene that also acts as a Cannabinoid
 Myrcene: Also has a spicy herbal scent, but with a hint of earthiness. Also
found in myrrh, hops, and lemongrass. Most common Cannabis terpene at
 Humulene: Gives a woody, earthy, yet pleasant aroma. Also found in
hops, basil, and cloves. Believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.
We can see that all three of these primary terpenes are also found in cloves.

Thus, if you like the smell of cloves, you are likely to find this strain to be
agreeable. If you happen to hate the taste of cloves (or worse, if you happen to
be allergic to them), then you obviously need to go for something else.

Best Ways To Enjoy Suver Haze

Like any sort of Hemp, this stuff can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways.
You might prefer to roll the flowers in a paper of some kind, or you might go
with some kind of pipe/bong. Any of these work well, but we find this stuff to be
better as pipe-weed. When you roll it in a piece of paper, this Hemp tends to
become very sticky and clog the hole in the end. That makes it very hard to
smoke and results in an uneven burn rate.

A large bong seems to be a bad idea for this strain, as its pungent taste will be
concentrated too much. Some people might like it, but most will probably find it
to be too harsh. As such, we would recommend a small water pipe for this one.
It will give the smoke a distinctive feeling, and this mixes well with the
pungent nature of the strain itself.

On the subject of concentrates, we don’t really think this strain would be the
best choice. Many of its qualities come from its particular combination of
terpenes, and an extraction process would preserve little of those qualities. Also,
if you wanted to make a pure CBD extract, there are stronger strains available.
Thus, this strain is definitely better for smoking.


All in all, we find this to be an excellent strain. Its flavor and high CBD content
make it an enjoyable way to get that daily dose. Of course, it was made by
crossing two highly successful strains, so it was bred for success from the
beginning. We should mention that there is some variety in this strain, and so
our review may not fully reflect your results. Still, we feel confident in saying
that you cannot go wrong with a big bag of Suver Haze Hemp.

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