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Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

cannabis seed banks in canada

If you live in Canada and want to get some quality cannabis seeds, this article is perfect for you. Cultivating your own plants at home offers tremendous benefits. From knowing that your herb is not affected by pesticides to growing exactly the strain you enjoy the most, there are endless reasons to plant your own. 

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But finding a good seed bank can be tricky. International shippers may not send you the best quality seeds, so you best shop locally. With that in mind, we created this list of the 10 best online weed seed shops in Canada. 

The best marijuana seed banks in Canada in 2021

1. Quebec Cannabis Seeds 

f - Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

We start off this list with a hugely popular cannabis seed bank, Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS). QCS offers a good variety of regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD seeds. Their hybrid strains are usually hardy and easy to care for, We love that they usually include a lot of free seeds in their larger orders, as this might lead you to strains that you otherwise wouldn’t have heard of or considered. 

QCS has a guaranteed germination ratio of more than 80%, so you can ask them to replace the seeds that fail to germinate for whatever reason. In our experience, however, the germination rate is usually much higher if you’re using a reliable method. Their stealth shipping option can be helpful for those who want to keep a low profile, as they will receive the seeds in unbranded, random packaging, such as CD cases. We can definitely recommend QSC to any Canadian weed grower, both small and big time.

Shop from Quebec Cannabis Seeds


2. True North Seed Bank 

logo 1 - Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

True North Seed Bank is another popular option among commercial growers because it offers significant discounts for bulk orders. One of the things people appreciate about True North is that they sell seeds for many of the most popular strains – Afghan Kush, Dark Purple, Gelato, Agent Orange, etc. 

Commercial growers also appreciate the bank’s guaranteed delivery service. This service guarantees that you will get your order. If the order doesn’t reach you for whatever reason, the bank sends you a new one for free. 

Shop from True North Seed Bank 


3. Crop King Seeds 

cks logo - Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

If you’re new to cannabis growing, you’re going to love Crop King Seeds. First of all, this seed store offers a lot of different cannabis strains, and they update their lineup regularly with new additions. 

Second, they offer amazing hybrids for some of the most popular strains, such as Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. 

And last but not least, they offer detailed guides on how to germinate and grow your plants in different conditions, which can be helpful for any grower, let alone beginners. 

Crop King Seeds will pack your seeds discreetly if you ask them to, and they cover the shipping costs for all orders over $200. 

Shop from Crop King Seeds


4. Dr. Seeds 

If there was ever an award for best presentation for marijuana seeds, Dr. Seeds would probably win it easily. This seed bank ships your orders in small metal containers, each of them customized according to the cannabis strain you ordered. 

Dr. Seeds has a good variety of cannabis strains, and it’s popular with both residential and commercial growers because it offers a lot of discounts. If you buy a product and submit a detailed review with pictures talking about your growing experience, you can qualify for a free tin of seeds. Besides seeds, the bank also offers a nice selection of nutrients that help your plants grow. 

Shop from Dr. Seeds 


5. BC Bud Depot 

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BC Bud Depot offers a decent variety of strains, but you’ll have to manually scroll through the seed bank’s portfolio to find the seeds you want because their website doesn’t allow you to sort the seeds according to their THC or CBD levels, etc. 

One of the things growers appreciate about this seed bank is that they guarantee your delivery. If, for any reason, your order doesn’t reach you, BC Bud Depot will send you another shipment for free. Talk about great customer support!

The seed bank accepts credit cards, cash, money order, or Bitcoin. All the orders are packed discreetly. 

Shop BC Bud Depot


6. Seeds Here Now 

GoldStandardLogo Condensed - Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

Seeds Here Now is a seed bank that collaborates with many individual growers to offer you one of the most diverse selections of cannabis seeds available in Canada. 

From high CBD strains to hybrids or sativa dominants, this online seed shop has it all. And the bank also offers a lot of discounts on selected items. Visiting their website regularly could land you an awesome deal, like getting 40% off a grower’s stock or getting free seeds on your order. 

Shop Seeds Here Now


7. British Columbia Seeds

sitelogo min - Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

British Columbia Seeds is hands down one of the longest-standing cannabis seed banks in Canada. Started in the early 2000s, this seed bank didn’t focus on quantity, it focused on quality. Admittedly, though, the online shop’s design isn’t particularly up-to-date with current consumer expectations.

That said, the company accepts cryptocurrency as payment, ships for free within Canada, and packs your order discreetly. 

Shop British Columbia Seeds 


8. Ontario Seed Bank  2 - Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

Ontario Seed Bank is an up and coming contender that gained a decent following by offering regular discounts. Their 2020 Black Friday offer sent shoppers 10 free cannabis seeds for every 10 cannabis seeds they paid, an offer that turned a lot of heads at the time. 

Even though their cannabis seed variety is not as large as that of some of the other seed banks that made our list, you will still be able to find the most popular strains on Ontario Seed Bank. The company also offers free shipping within Canada. 

Shop from Ontario Seed Bank 


9. Dr. Greenthumb

Dr. Greenthumb is an offline and online cannabis seed bank that launched back in 1996, so they have over 24 years of experience growing weed, which is good. Unfortunately, the bank’s website seems to be stuck in 1998, which means that shopping on it can be an unpleasant experience. 

Even though its website looks like an abandoned highschool project, the seed bank offers a good selection of high-quality strains that make the ordering hassle worth it. The plants offer good yields and they’re potent. 

Shop Dr. Greenthumb


10. Toronto Cannabis Seeds 

f - Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks In Canada 2021

With a good variety of cannabis strains, Toronto Cannabis Seeds is a popular online store among Canadian growers thanks to its decent prices and free shipping policy. In addition, the seed bank also runs discounts on different products, so there’s always a chance to find seeds for your favourite strain at a great price. 

The company’s great customer support, along with its good inventory of CBD, regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds make it one of the better options for Canadian cannabis growers. Moreover, the parent organization of this marijuana seed store is the Quebec Cannabis Seeds.

Shop Toronto Cannabis Seeds


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