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Six Strains that are Perfect for the Netflix and Chill Vibe

Top Cannabis Strains for Netflix and Chill

After a long, hard day on the job, all you want to do is unwind. Beyond the finish line (AKA your front door), your Netflix account awaits. While your favourite shows help you unplug, cannabis can enhance that effect.

No matter what you’re watching, numerous strains can make things better. Below, we’ll highlight some of the best strains we’ve found from top online dispensaries across Canada. Dispensary Guide and other online review sites are a great place to start your search. Be sure to shop around as the selection, reputation and prices vary from one dispensary to the next.

Getting Your Chill On: Bubba Kush

Sometimes, your day’s a complete write-off. You’ve got work piled a mile high on your desk. Your boss yelled at you. Your bus was 30 minutes late. And, you got stuck out in the cold, pouring rain.

After an ordeal like that, you’re gonna want to melt into the couch and forget it even happened. In this scenario, Bubba Kush is your hookup. Unlike other Kush strains, this one helps you chill out without putting you to sleep.

Additionally, it also has potent cerebral effects. So, as you watch your favourite drama, Bubba will pull you right into the plot without overstimulating your body. If you have company over, you’ll be able to relax, but also carry on a conversation without drifting off.

Relaxation with Minimum Sedation: Black Cherry Soda

On other days, you’re not as stressed. You still want to relax, but without a loss of energy. Be there for your Netflix-and-chill partner by smoking some Black Cherry Soda. As the name suggests, its terpenes give this flower a berry-like flavour. Also, this strain is a hybrid, meaning it has elements of Sativa and Indica.

Consequently, it can provide relief from stress and discomfort, but without locking you to the couch. At the same time, it’ll also stimulate your creative properties. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the show you’re watching and your friend’s company.   

Elevate Your Energy and Mood: Durban Poison

After a long day, you arrive home, glad to be done with work. However, you’re not phasing directly into hoodie-and-sweatpants mode. In about an hour, you’ve got a date coming over. You’re going to Netflix-and-chill, but you’re also going to have dinner first. For that, you’ll need to pump up your energy levels. 

As soon as you get home, grab some Durban Poison. This train may sound ominous, but don’t worry – Durban Poison won’t lock you to your couch. Instead, it will ramp up your energy & creativity. It’ll brighten your spirit and clear your mind. 

With an appropriate dose, you’ll be sharp to start the evening. But, 2-3 hours later, its high will taper – just in time for bed.   

Laugh Out Loud: Black Diamond

Yes, it’s a well-worn cliche, but laughter really can turn your day around. However, you also want to unwind, preferably while watching a little Netflix. Happily, you can have it both ways – just fix yourself up a little Black Diamond.

This cannabis strain is a potent relaxant – when you smoke it, you won’t be going anywhere for a while. However, if the world’s got you down, Black Diamond will pick you up. Many report stress relief and an elevated mood while taking this strain.

Lastly, this flower is notorious for triggering laughing fits. If you’re having a comedy night, find yourself some Black Diamond.

Happy Thoughts: Chocolope

Life’s better when you focus on the positive. Sure, your job sucks – but it provides you with income. Besides, after you finish your day, Netflix and Chocolope are waiting behind your front door. Chocolope is a Sativa dominant strain that offers feelings of happiness and euphoria.

For this reason, it’s known by some as “the party strain”. However, know that this flower comes with strong stimulating properties. As such, we recommend saving this potent strain for Friday and Saturday nights.  

Conversations: White Russian

2020 has revealed to us tonne of uncomfortable truths. If you’re on a documentary kick, pick up some White Russian. White Russian is a cross between White Widow and AK-47. That sounds hardcore, but it won’t turn you into Rambo. 

Instead, the 1996 Best Overall Strain at the High Times Cup is well-known for its cerebral high. It’s believed to enhance neural connections in the brain, which induces conversation.

So, before watching a controversial documentary with your partner or friends, hit some White Russian first. You’ll achieve a level of understanding that’ll spark some interesting conversation.  

Arousal: Atomic Northern Lights

Is your partner or FWB coming over for a Netflix-and-chill sesh? If sexy times are ahead, grease the wheels with some Atomic Northern Lights (ANL). For starters, it’ll elevate your mood – this strain is well-known for inducing happy and euphoric feelings. 

Secondly, scores of users report that ANL, um… puts them in the mood. Many call it the Viagra of cannabis, as it triggers arousal and allows its users to “perform” at the top of their capabilities. Just be sure you’ve stocked your cupboard first – this strain can also trigger ferocious cases of the munchies.    

Enhance Your Netflix and Chill Through the Power of Cannabis

There’s nothing like crashing on your couch and watching your favourite show. However, sometimes it’s hard to get your mind off your troubles or calm your nerves. In both cases, the right cannabis strain can help make your Netflix-and-chill the enjoyable experience it’s meant to be.

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