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Border Crossings to the USA – Can I Bring Weed?

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Advice for Border Crossings to the United States of America

First of all, do not carry cannabis products over the American border. Federally, marijuana is a schedule 1 drug in the United States of America. This is the worst category of supposedly the most ‘dangerous’ substances in the world to consume and have with,no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” 

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This backwards, science-ignoring, ‘war on drugs’ belief that marijuana has no medical uses and that it is as bad as heroin and meth have caused an unmeasurable amount of pain, suffering and punishment, for a flower with so many medical uses. The prohibition of cannabis has been wrong, and in that regard; Canada is lightyears ahead of our pitiful, wayward and southern neighbour.

Canada is a sovereign nation and Canada’s stance to share information with the United States of America, who are, unfortunately; politically, reverting to extremism and fascism, is just plain wrong. 

The mechanism border security of the United States use to try and catch weed-loving Canadians are through interview-style, direct questioning, such as, “Have you ever used marijuana”. These are traps. DO NOT TELL THE TRUTH. The current administration in the United States is allowing their border security to hand out lifetime bans; if you are found to have used or admitted to using cannabis in the past. 

This is terrifying as a professional of any field of study. So what that you may use a little weed. No government has the right to destroy a hard-won, professional career (or any career, as a matter of fact). Especially when it is legal to use in the country you are living in.

This policies directly affect Canadians, as Trump’s border security have banned people known in the cannabis industry, and have even banned private citizens, using credit card records (such as purchasing from the OCS). 

This is why banking e-transfers are the much safer option if you are a professional or anyone that has to make frequent crossings, as the United States do not have access to Canadian Bank records. 

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