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Legal Marijuana in Canada

Canadian Used a Fake ID of Marvel’s Character to Acquire Weed Online

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Who produces a bogus ID, whether or not it’s only a joke, fake ID; which isn’t even current? 

In Canada, you can legally purchase weed online. This represents one of the numerous perks Canadians enjoy and appreciate, thanks to the recreational legalization of cannabis in October 2018.

Most of you may read that and have no further questions. What a novel and enviable concept, you will think. Legal medicinal and recreational cannabis across the fantastic nation, that is the great white north; Canada! Here’s the deal though: online Canadian dispensaries can’t simply sell cannabis to anyone who clicks the electronic button for, “One weed baggie, please, Sir!!”

Instead, before selling, Canadians must undergo a verification procedure, which corroborates the buyer is at least 18 years old; the age required to lawfully consume cannabis (In Alberta, at least, 19 everywhere else). The person ordering must also a Canadian citizen.

With any system of legitimacy comes those determined to infiltrate that system through nefarious tricks. This Superb tweet from @cottoncandaddy explained her experience online,


Her sister works at an online weed dispensary and obtained this fabulous ID from none other than Thor Odinson. You know, the ever-favourite Marvel character played by the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth from the films, distributed by Paramount? A franchise that has made over $600 000 000 at the box offices.

An entirely legitimate human you ought to sell marijuana to, right?

All of the specifics of this imitation ID really tickled-me-pick. For instance, the fact that Thor apparently resides at, “69 Big Hammer Ln.”. An address that will not raise any suspicion, no doubt.

Or how about the robust image of a manicured Hemsworth, smiling sheepishly off-camera or the wavy Windows 98 font, which all Alberta provincial IDs have in real life, by the way. This amazing forgery reads, “Odinson Thor, Thunder.”. The best part, though? The ID is completely expired! These online dispensaries are supposed to refuse all expired methods of identification, for obvious reasons.

Incredibly, it’s was out of date by more than a couple of years, which just is the cherry on top of this comedic forgery madness. Who produces a fake ID; regardless of, if it is only just a funny, joke fake ID, which is not even up to date? Never stop being you, comedic, fake-ID manufacturer. If you are going to do such things, you ought to have a sense of humour, right?

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