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Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

mailorder weed - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

For Canadians, there has been a surge of new, online businesses that are offering mail-order-marijuana (MOM) services – with all cannabis-related products available to those of age, such as high-quality flowers, concentrates, edibles and even topicals that are produced with potent amounts of THC, CBD, or both. These cannabis dispensaries are often the first choice of Canadians to order weed online, as the quality and price are often superior to local brick and mortar stores.

While ordering online from a MOM is not quite as easy as it is on Amazon, many dispensaries try to make it as simple for their customers as they can with instructions and/or videos to help ease the process, under either its own “How to” page or the FAQ page.

Moreover, all of the MOM dispensaries listed below use Interact e-Transfer; which is a safe, secure and quick online platform, that helps make it more convenient to send money to and from friends, renters, small and local business owners.

Furthermore, after the first one or two orders, it is a really easy breeze to use the payment methods that MOMs currently operate under. Not to mention, it is well worth figuring out because it allows smokers to attain weed more readily and with more options to choose from.

The best Canadian Mail Order Marijuana online shops

BC Bud Supply

As the name suggests, BC Bud Supply is a mail-order-marijuana dispensary based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They solely source their cannabis from the best local farmers and put special attention on ensuring that anything you order comes from the finest pesticide-free and naturally grown cannabis plants. bcbudsupply logo 300x146 - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

One amazing thing about BC Bud Supply is that you will earn points with every order. You will earn 1 point for every $20 spent, and if you refer a friend, you will both instantly receive a $15 credit. Each point is worth $1 and can be spent in store on all products. You can also earn points for writing reviews about the products you got.

Further, this Canadian mail-order-marijuana dispensary carries over 45 different high-quality cannabis strains, as well as cannabis concentrates, marijuana edibles, vapes, and various CBD products.

BC Bud Supply accepts credit cards, Interac e-Transfer, and even Bitcoin. They also offer free shipping for orders worth $100 or over, as well as a top-notch 24/7 customer support team looking to provide its assistance to you.

Check out BC Bud Supply Right Now

Chronic Post

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Chronic Post is one of the leading online mail-order-marijuana online dispensaries in Canada. They carry a huge variety of weed strains for all types of budgets, from $99-ounce deals to premium AAAA cannabis strains, Chronic Post offers it all. image1 300x94 - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

But this Canadian MOM dispensary does not only offer a wide cannabis selection it also offers other weed-related products like different vape pens, CBD products, edibles, and more. Chronic Post also carries a variety of concentrates, including hash, kief, tinctures, and concentrates.

What’s more, all cannabis used gets sourced from local farmers in British Columbia. Furthermore, Chronic Post provides free shipping on all orders over $119 in Canada. The dispensary also offers a free welcome bundle to new customers. 

Chronic Post is a Canadian mail-order-marijuana dispensary that has been operating for more than 21 years and is constantly striving to satisfy customers and improve operations. With a wide range of cannabis flowers, including Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, AA+, AAA+, AAAA+ strains, and more, as well as many other weed-related products, Chronic Post is a MOM online dispensary that has everything you might want.

Check out Chronic Post Right Now

Caviar Smoke

Caviar Smoke is one of the Canadian mail-order-marijuana dispensaries that aim to be a one-stop-shop for all of your marijuana needs. Serving all of Canada, Caviar Smoke is a MOM dispensary that offers fast delivery, friendly and professional customer service, and guarantees your satisfaction as well as the highest quality product at the lowest prices. Caviarsmoke logo - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

Each item is shipped from Canada and usually takes between three and five business days to be delivered right to your door, so you don’t have to leave the house! Caviar Smoke has a variety of cannabis strains as well as marijuana edibles to choose from, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, contact them. They are happy to help you get exactly what you are looking for and get it delivered as quickly as possible.

Caviar Smoke provides amazing customer service, with the customer representatives being professional, friendly, and quick. They strive to fix any issues you might encounter and make your weed buying experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

This Canadian MOM dispensary offers competitive pricing, free shipping on any order over $150, and free returns if you are not completely satisfied. When you shop for cannabis on Caviar Smoke, you can pay with any standard credit card or you can opt to pay via an Email Money Transfer.

Check out Caviar Smoke Right Now*

*Use the coupon code “WeedLoving” for an exclusive 20% discount!

Green Society

First up on our list is Green Society, one of the top mail-order-marijuana dispensaries based solely in Canada. For their fantastic deals, low price rates and amazingly extensive product choices, Green Society has well earned their place at the top of any MOM dispensary society logo - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

One brilliant promotion that Green Society offers is a $10 bonus credit to all new accounts, which requires an ID and 24 hours to approve. They also have a rewards program for all of their loyal customers, with bonus credits up to $20 for sharing reviews online.

Additionally, Green Society has what they call “The Green Room” and it is filled with Sativas, Indicas and everything in between; as well as, their own top-shelve picks of the most potent strains they could find. They also have seven different types of concentrates, including capsules that come in sativa, indica or CBD, at varying degrees of dosage.

For those who are looking for more CBD options, Green Society has an entire section for all of their CBD products, like juices, edibles, topicals and even “Pawsensitive” brand products that are made specifically for pets.

Check out Green Society Right Now

Speed Greens

Speed Greens is one of few MOMs with their own instructional video on exactly how to order cannabis through their website and it walks you through the Interact e-Transfer process. This can be found under their “How To Order” page. This is both helpful to their business model and anyone trying to figure out the MOM system. This video can be loosely translated for other online dispensaries using the Interact transfer platform.speed greens buy weed online canada logo - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

With a long list of reasonably priced flowers, dabs, edibles and everything cannabis in-between; Speed Greens is a one-stop shop for any beginner or experienced smoker. While Speed Greens have 16 flavours of papers, they also carry sativa, indica and hybrid, king size pre-rolls; made with high-quality flowers and environmentally-friendly filters.

Furthermore, Speed Greens is also one of few online dispensaries with a blog space, to share information on strains, products, experiences and recipes. Some of which are very illuminating with strain highlights, their effects and what aches and pains they could be potentially used for.

Check Out Speed Greens Right Now


For those looking to save money by buying in wholesale cannabis, bulk deals can be found through any of the MOMs on this list; however, WeedSmart, in particular, carries amazing opportunities for free weed with bulk orders. For instance, they offer a free ounce, with any purchase of 3 ounces on select strains.logo new - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

WeedSmart also stacks deals upon deals for their customers, with items on sale anywhere from 12%, 18%, or even 27% off; in addition to, their rewards program. For every one dollar spent in their store, you can get 1 point. Additionally, there are 5 points granted for every review written. 25 points translate to a $1 credit, which can then be used on anything in-store.

Furthermore, there is a special section in WeedSmart’s flower shop called “Ounces Under $140” and while they do not apply to the Buy 3, Get 1 free promotion; ounces under $140, without having to buy massive amounts of weed, is a HUGE deal. This under $140 promotion includes several popular strains, such as the infamous Bubba Kush, Rockstar Baby and the sweet and delicious, Orange Cookies.

Moreover, one very unique product that WeedSmart carries is a cannabis-infused, line of teas and drink mixes. These delicious and relaxing drinks have a variety of THC, CBD, or use the entourage effect and combine both THC and CBD. With flavours ranging from hot chocolate, jasmine green tea, iced tea and even spiced, chocolate rooibos.

Check Out WeedSmart Right Now

The dispensary may be on the bottom on this list; however, it is still one of the top MOMs in Canada. With cheap bulk ounces, Indicas, Sativas and hybrid flowers; 6 types of concentrates, edibles, topicals and even an item called “Free gram or Pre-Rolled,” which is their top selling product.get kush logo 300x181 - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020

For those who enjoy surprises or those who hate making decisions, also offers sizeable packages of mystery strains; with two price point options, that vary in potency, rather than quantity. This type of alternative shopping is relieving because there are often too many good strains to choose from and it takes all of the pressure away, with the possibility of finding amazing and new favourite strains.

In addition to a Mystery Pack, there is also a hand-crafted and a professionally personally curated collection; named after their store, the “Get Kush Cannabis Variety Pack,”; which offers the options of Sativas, Indicas, or even, Top Shelf. also has a similar rewards program to that of WeedSmart, but they offer 25 points per review and 250 points for signing up.

Check Out GetKush Right Now

Online Dispensary Canada

If you are looking for top quality products with choice, affordable and efficient medical cannabis delivered directly to your door then Online Dispensary Canada might be the right place for you. This cannabis shop’s team is able to provide their patients with high-quality medicinal-grade cannabis to any city, Bildschirmfoto 2020 03 02 um 19.32.57 300x100 - Top 7 (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada 2020town or village in Canada within 1 to 3 business days of placing an order. Whether you are looking for a Sativa or Indica, high-grade weed, weed concentrate or edibles, or you need a more value variety, this mail order marijuana dispensary got you covered for whatever you need.

Check Out Online Dispensary Canada Right Now

We have set up this list in order to educate those looking for mail order options on the wide variety of options that are available. If you are new to mail order marijuana I highly encourage you to check out these MOM’s for yourself today as you have been missing out.


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