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Practical gifts that any pot head will love

alex woods eOHMPLuOLuE unsplash - Practical gifts that any pot head will love

This is a golden age for stoners. Yes, it’s great that recreational weed is now legal in Canada and several US states, but there is more to it than availability of top-quality buds on the retail market. There’s also a whole industry of gadgets, accessories and good, old-fashioned stuff to delight and amaze today’s weed connoisseurs. If you’ve ever wondered what to buy for the pot head who has everything, there are no shortage of ideas out there. Here are some of our favourites.  

Say it with gold

 Rolling papers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. But how about a joint that is made of pure gold for the ultimate stoner bling? Gold rolling papers might sound odd, by they are made from the same type of edible gold used by TV chefs, and retailers claim they carry no greater health risks than regular papers. You can buy them online from a number of sources, and a pack of six will cost you around $60-$70. 

Cut the daily grind

Grinding your weed to just the right consistency can make or break a joint. It’s a source of constant amazement that so many stoners still insist on improvising with scissors, kitchen utensils and other random household objects. There’s a huge choice of weed grinders out there, and you can spend anything from a couple of dollars upwards. Even if your stoner friend already has one, you can never have too many grinders and it’s always fun to try out a new type.  

Weed + beer = the perfect gift

Sure, there are probably some weed lovers out there who love to sample some fine wine to accompany their smoke. But for the majority, a cold beer is the drink of choice. With the rise of CBD in the mass market, edibles have been supplemented by drinkables, and there are several craft brewers that have turned their hand to cannabis beer. Cannabeer was one of the originals. The Spanish brewer started production way back in 2013, and its products are now available worldwide.  

Don’t waste a single grain

Rolling a joint can be a messy business. If the pothead in your life ends up putting more green on the carpet than in his or her joint, a weed tray is a simple, but life-changing gift. It could also pay for itself in a matter of days. There are dozens of funky designs out there, and you can find them at any of the online weed shops, or on platforms like Etsy 

 Vaping is the new smoking  

Even die-hard joint smokers like Willie Nelson have made the change to vapes, so it really is something that anyone can try. Vaping weed is a little different to vaping nicotine, so it’s best to buy a complete kit including vaporizer, juice and peripherals to give it a proper try. It can be a real eye-opener and most people who make the change never look back.  

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