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How to Make Weed Popsicles: Staying High-drated!  

knotherb 199 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 7 - Pot Head

One of my favourite things to do with frozen fruit is to reduce it down with water and sugar, you can add it to drinks, pour it on crepes, or my all-time summer classic, make popsicles! And making this weed-infused is as easy as adding the right amount of cannabis tincture (THC, CDB, or both)! 

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Step 1: Choosing the tincture

  • Tinctures often taste the same but some do have different elements. This depends on what strain it was made of and whether it was made from flowers or a type of concentrate, this all can change its flavour.
  • For fruity pops, I like to choose either original no flavour, fruity, or coconut based tinctures. For coffee or chocolate pops, I tend to steer more towards original no flavour but coconut can work with a lot of things too.
  • A lot of MOMs carry different things, one that I like it Get Kush, They have options like straight sativa or indica, as well as mint and coconut flavours, and they even have CDB-specific ones for Focus, Move, Relief, Sleep, and Complete.
    • I tried their Daily CDB Sleep tincture for this because I really enjoy eating popsicles right before bed more than I do in the middle of the day to cool down from the sun.

Step 2: Choosing the flavour

  • There are loads of recipes online for popsicle flavours! Some of my favourites include wild berry, coffee, chocolate, Nutella, fresh fruit and greek yogurt, and lemonade. 
  • The aforementioned "wild berry" is something that I concocted myself! I take a bag of frozen triple berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries), a bag of frozen strawberries, and then marry them together!

Step 3: Making the mixture

  • Because I am a free spirit, written recipes have never been my thing. I like to add as I go to make the perfect mix for me, like sugar, for instance, some people like the natural fruit juices more than a sugary flavour and thusly add less sugar. Me on the other hand, I flood in sugar until it can't take any more! 
  • The fruit reduction
    • Using a large pot, I pour in the berries until the pot is about half full. If the fruit is freezer burnt, rinsing them off can really help get rid of that gross freezer taste. 
    • Then I fill the pot with water until it is just over the fruit, about an inch.
    • Bring the fruit and water to a nice simmer, the colour should change very quickly. 
    • Taste the mixture to see how much sugar you want. As I said above, I pour it straight from my mason jar, I think it comes out to roughly 2 cups for a large batch. 
  • Adding the CBD or THC tincture
    • It is very important to measure out the wanted amount of cannabis tincture.
    • If a bottle says it has 1500mg of CBD, then it will only take a small amount. For bottles that say 35mg CBD, then maybe pour in the whole thing.
    • I would definitely suggest playing around with amounts, CBD is difficult to tell just how strong the effects are but THC can be taken too far. Most recipes I have found for THC popsicles recommend 60mg for making six pops. 

Step 4: Making the cannabis-infused popsicles 

  • To take the fruit out of the mixture is not necessary but it does make it a classic juice pop. How I do this is I place a strainer into a large mixing bowl and then I pour the mixture into the strainer. 
  • Then I take my pestle and start to squish the berries down all of the juices into the bowl. 
    • Cheesecloth also works, and it makes it easier to drain the berries because you can squeeze and almost wring it out of the cloth entirely. 
  • Wait unless the mixture is cool to pour into moulds. Warm/hot is fine, just make sure your moulds are BPA free! And then pop those bad boys in the freezer! Make sure they have a place to sit flat, and they should freeze overnight or throughout a day depending on the temp that they went in on. 


I hope you enjoyed my step-by-step guide! If you try it, please share stories, photos, and what tincture/flavour combos you tried! 

Posted : 25/06/2019 2:42 pm
artem alexandra 160 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 11 - Ultimate Stoner Admin

These sound seriously brilliant! I think I may try your crazy berry concoction! I also really enjoy strawberry-lemonade flavoured popsicles. I wonder how that would taste with a cannabis tincture! For making edibles, I like to get the Solvent-Free THC Tincture that Green Society has. It has to be the cleanest tincture I have found that is also coconut MCT oil-based and comes in the cutest milk carton packaging. And comes in 200, 500, or 1000mg of THC. 

Posted : 26/06/2019 11:06 am
knapthyme liked
pothead 179 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 10 - Reefer King

  Never thought of popsicles  ever  I don't think I've even seen this suggested before  but it sounds like a damn tasty idea  on a nice warm summer day  😀

Posted : 26/06/2019 11:37 am
knapthyme liked
knotherb 199 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 7 - Pot Head

Popsicles have been one of my favourite things to make since I was a kid! I remember pre-teen me was so obsessed with the coffee pops I made! The coffee I drink to this day is eerily similar: a cup full of ice, 2 shots, a splash of half&half. Hahah, I still really want to try to make coffee cannabis pops but they might be too special. 🙂 

I actually made some after posting this because I always have frozen fruit and sugar! But because they have to freeze, I ended up putting some of the squished fruit in a bowl and mixed it with oatmeal and milk. It was so delicious!!! 

Posted : 27/06/2019 6:00 pm