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Magic the Gathering  

artem alexandra 160 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 11 - Ultimate Stoner Admin

This weekend was my boyfriend and I's two year anniversary and one thing we decided to do was to pick up a set of duel Magic cards and it was such an amazing blast! 

There is a mall that is a ways away from us with amazing stores that include a place to paint ceramics as well as this humungously amazing three-part nerd store. It was my surprise on our first anniversary to go there, nerd out, and then paint mugs or plates, and so this year we thought it would be awesome to go again. The nerd store is three parts because everyone loves it so much that it's expanded, taking over an entire area of the mall. A crazy amount of the clothing stores were closed, not too surprising, but it was insane to see a half-empty mall. 

We have played Dungeons and Dragons loads of times with our friends, so Magic sounded like a great time. Mixing magic, fantasy, strategy, and then weed candy and cycles of packed bongs ... we ended up playing until four in the morning! Not to mention we didn't get home from painting ceramics until 9:30 at night. The sweet sugar high blended with smoking made to a wondrous night of games and laughs! Couldn't watch anything with it though, but good thing because with total focus on strategy ... I won both rounds! 

Posted : 22/07/2019 3:09 pm
knapthymee 372 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 3 - Can Roll My Own

This sounds like such a wonderful anniversary idea! I'm really glad to hear that you guys had a lot of fun! 😊 

A night full of weed candies and Magic the Gathering would be such a magical and excellent time to spend with your love! Maybe add in a couple of drinks, joints, and you've got yourself a real two-person party! Was it your first time playing it? 

Posted : 23/07/2019 2:21 pm
pothead 179 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 10 - Reefer King

Sounds like you had a good time  😀 

Posted : 23/07/2019 9:27 pm