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How do you enjoy your smoking Poll is created on Jun 24, 2019

Poll results: How do you enjoy your smoking
Voter(s): 5
Poll is created on Jun 24, 2019
Vape  -  votes: 3 / 60%
Water pipe or bong  -  votes: 1 / 20%
joint or a blunt  -  votes: 1 / 20%
small hand held pipe  -  votes: 0 / 0%

Your prefered method of smoking  



 so how do you  enjoy your weed,  cannabis or pot  whatever you want to call it  Do you like rolling a joint of are you more into blunts with hemp paper or  maybe vaping    is your style    I'm just curious 

8 Answers

I really prefer things with water! Be it bubblers, bongs, or the concentrate pens with tiny little percolators! I think that the water and percs help a lot with thick smokes and are easier on my lungs. I have also noticed that water helps with really piney strains. With joints, pine strains burn my nose clean off! But luckily bongs and even sometimes pipes fixes that problem. 


I may just go  get myself a  medium sized  water pipe again I do miss  one I threw my old one out   a good  6 years ago  because it was just so bad from all the cleanings    That was one old pipe  I had to  replace the hoses in it twice in the time I had it

Same with one of my really old bongs! I think the salt collected and refuses to dissolve. But yeah I really suggest nice medium-sized bongs because it really the perfect size. Two feet tall and your smoking stale smoke, 4 inches tall and you're burning off your nose. My favouries are between 6 and 18 inches, anything outside of that range just doesn't function well.


When I smoke, I cannot get enough of Element's thin rice paper rolling papers! They don't have any sort of taste that changes the strain's nature like hemp paper can. I really appreciate when MOMs have these, only a select few do and I can't stand any other brand. And Elements seems to have gotten their paper game down pat because they are always perfect! However, I have tried RAW's cones, and those are not bad. If you want to feel like a baller and don't want to actually roll a joint by hand, then cones are an awesome solution! 

Now that I think about it, I wish MOMs were more specific on the brand of papers that they use when describing their pre-rolls. Because it would save me a lot of time if they are using the good stuff! 

I love Elements! It's the only paper I'll use. I really like the books that are magnetic and snap close, they feel so sleek and modern. I don't use the filter / tips much they have, I perfer just rolled-up traditional joints. But yeah, it would be nice if they said the brand, but at least the usually will say rice, hemp, organic, stuff like that!


Nice the polls  are now working  I love it  Yep  if I use papers it's always a good quality rice paper  They are thinner   have no  smell or taste when smoked and  I just like them a lot

Rice is so brilliant! I am not surprised at all that it makes the best rolling paper, it makes the best side dish for all foods! Hemp papers affect the flavour way too much and never burn quite right.


Nothing like smoking a fatty like  a dirty

Hahaha, no there is nothing like it! When I roll a joint there is at least an entire gram in it!!


We've been hard at work improving the forums and you guys should notice some improvements to the UI, and the polls should now be working. Glad to report 😀 .



I did notice yes and Tyvm 😀


I have never bought a pre-roll online  😀 When I was much younger all we use was zig  zag and export papers  The export papers were good if the weed  was very lumpy and fibrous stuff that easily makes using a rice paper difficult Todays weed is way different then what I grew up on  No seeds, No stalks, No leaf  just nice flowers I even have  a pack of export papers in my box but I cant remember the last time I used that brand I have    been using OCB, Gizeh and clipper papers lately All given to me  by the  MOM's I use

I didn't know clipper made papers! I love their lighters so much. I swear they have a flat end to pack weed into rollers better because they fit perfectly! I have never gotten pre-rolls either, I have the skills and I am far too picky about the thickness and tightness and the papers too. I used to use the zig zag rollers when I first started but then realized I could pack far more pot into one joint if I rolled it myself!


Rolling machines ?  I got one free and a few other things for  buying some weed but I gave it away  I've never used a rolling machine  I've always done it by  hand  I just use regular  rice pipers or the  1 1/2 size The biggest part is thinness and a great quality glue to seal  the deal  Otherwise  I'm using a pipe or vape



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