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God's Green Crack Strain Review: A Wonderfully Calming Sleep Aid  

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Beautifully potent hybrids are truly god's green gift to people as stressful or tight-strung as I am. And EG Medicinal's God's Green Crack was a gift in disguise with how little reviews it had on their site. But nonetheless, the name got me!

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When I work a full day of work-work, house-work, personal-work, it can be really difficult for me to calm down at night and then sometimes it can become a stressful mess to even try to go to bed. So a quadruple-threat like that sounded like a perfect idea. 

It had a thick layer of light white gold trichomes, which was very sticky to the touch. And the smell that came from the bag was a complete dream of sweet earthy tones. After I smoked it (after not smoking all day), I fell into a soothing bliss of calming sensations and my tense anxieties seemed to have just floated away. 

That night it was really easy to both get into bed and to lay down and get to sleep. Sometimes getting into bed is simple, but wanting to put my head to the pillow can be really difficult somehow. Thank you, God's Green Crack! I will definitely be ordering it again soon. 

Posted : 20/06/2019 4:47 pm