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EG Medicinal - Product Guide  

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EG Medicinal

Flower Choices: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Premium

Concentrates: Hash, Shatter, Budder, Oils, Dabs

Edibles: Candies (Sours, Gummies, Lollipops)

Vape Options: Filled Cartridges

CBD Products: Crystalline, Capsules, Oils, Tears, Tinctures, Candies

Topicals: CBD Body Butter and Bath Soak

Accessories: N/A

Bulk Buying Options: Flowers and Concentrates

Free Shipping Min: $150

Deals: Ounce Specials, BYO and Mix & Match Specials on Flowers, Review and Referral Promos

Also, they have strains separated into very unique sections: Arousal & Creativity, Bliss & Euphoria, Calm & Anxiety, Mood & Depression, Pain & Inflammation, and then finally, Sleep & Insomnia.

Posted : 19/06/2019 1:37 pm