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Canada Post Stealing Weed?  

artem alexandra 160 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 11 - Ultimate Stoner Admin

In the most recent news about the CheapWeed MOM issue, it appears that the cannabis was stolen from the Canada Post and Tony has a plan to help all of the customers that took a hit. 

On Reddit, a message from CW owner Tony to his customers was posted explaining that his investigation with the Canadian Post was finished and that he found where the problems began. Stating that the packages were tampered in between where they are picked up from and the Richmond sorting facility. 

Without commencing our own investigation, we have to take Tony's word that it was the Canada Post stealing weed and not him employees or CW in general. He suggested this was a "fully targeted" and "orchestrated" because of the number of packages coming and going. 

This could be a warning for many MOMs our there now: odour-proof, tamper-proof, and all-around indistinguishable packaging is both crucial and appreciated by customers but is also a safety-net for MOMs and future liability issues like these. With tightly-wrapped smell-proof bags and boxes, both shops and shoppers can feel much more secure with purchasing and sending. 

Tony from CW says in his newest update that we will be refunding everyone who was hurt in the only way he can at the moment. Offering a discount to any of his wronged customers if they choose to continue patronage through them. Unfortunately, this implies that the discount is the only way to be reimbursed and requires paying out of pocket to regain what was lost. And for most, it was good chunks of cash that was lost because, as we all know, cannabis is not the cheapest leisurely activity, even coming from a dispensary called Cheap Weed. 

One amusing tidbit from the Reddit thread was an accountant pointing out the flaws in Tony's message and/or financial plan. Tony wrote that he will have to sell his house and take out loans in order to pay for the discounts he is giving out. For anyone who watches Rick and Morty too much, this all starts to sound like a commercial where the guy is screaming "these prices are so low, how am I doing this!?" Luckily, CheapWeed is not the only MOM out there. In reality, there are almost too many options for safe and trusted online mail-order-marijuana dispensaries that aren't CheapWeed. 

It is not to say that it is not impossible that a MOM's pickup origin may be targetted again. But the one thing we can all do is hope that mail-order dispensaries are taking every precaution to not let it happen. By using odour-proof mylar bags or other leak-proof packages and unmarked packaging. If it were all up to me, they would all be reusing or buying Amazon boxes because then they would really be indistinguishable. 

Overall, I am still happy with the myriad of MOMs that I use from Dispensary GTA's list, they have plain packaging and never really smell until I open them. I feel awful for everyone who has been hurt by this situation, I can only hope that it doesn't happen again. 

Posted : 22/07/2019 12:05 pm
29a4e19ca3ec240609993d66d1a8f514?s=110&d=mm&r=g - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 1 - Weed Newbie

It was NOT the post office.
it was cheapweed scamming people.

Cheapweed Scam Rollcall from CanadianMOMs

Posted : 29/07/2019 2:42 pm
420sos 379 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 6 - Heavy Toker

Was that here?

Posted : 29/07/2019 9:44 pm
pothead 179 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 10 - Reefer King
Posted by: @420sos

Was that here?

No it had nothing to do with this site at all I,m betting people are out more then 200K I,d say double that easily I,ve seen posts were people are claiming they are out several thousand dollars all by themselves I still say this whole situation stinks because of the amount of package contents stolen Someone was awful busy ripping open and resealing those packages and I cant see the drivers having enough time to do all that because they have a schedule to keep. I'm not saying its impossible but some people had some wonderful smelling trucks to explain to people That much weed is going to smell once its out of the packages even if its still sealed ib plastic.

Posted : 29/07/2019 11:20 pm
artem alexandra 160 - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 11 - Ultimate Stoner Admin

@pothead, that was my exact question – how did they get away with the smell of it all? Hahah. 

I'm curious is CheapWeed did scam people, what are they going to do with that much money? I'd buy a house out in the middle of nowhere. The Tony guy is a little lucky in that no one knows what he looks like. He can technically still show his face, but I wouldn't. I'd fulfill my big dream of living off the land, but I honestly couldn't on good conscious. The person who did this is just blah, not cool, man. 

Posted : 30/07/2019 11:26 am
c93cded0b92e30936ccb98adf77c5f24?s=110&d=mm&r=g - - Canadian Cannabis and Mail Order Marijuana Forums
Level 7 - Pot Head

Maybe it's because I used to run in Detroit, but there is no goddamn way that you accept somebody not being good on giving you your product. No discount on future purchases. Bullshit, Christ, there are very few rules when it comes to dealing or supplying. I'm going to presume many of you are just tokers and don't know any better. So here is rule #1, and if you screw this up, you're done: ALL YOU GOT IS YOUR WORD. No excuses whatsoever. Somebody entrust you to provide weed, you do so. Rule #2: F*** me once, that's on you. F*** me twice, that's on me. That means you only give people one chance to screw you over. Never twice. Hell, I sell by the ounce after I break down a lb. and I always guarantee satisfaction. You don't provide it, get the hell out and let the real players play.

Posted : 28/08/2019 10:40 pm

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