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BC Bud Supply – Canadian MOM Dispensary Review

BC Bud Supply review

BC Bud Supply is a Canadian mail-order-marijuana dispensary based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Among other things, it offers over 45 different high-quality cannabis strains, ranging all the way from AA to AAAA marijuana strains. At BC Bud Supply, you can get whatever cannabis product you desire, be it a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid marijuana strain or any number of other items.

Because, besides amazing weed strains like Skywalker OG, Purple Urkle, and Tuna Rock, which you can learn more about in our review or on BC Bud Supply`s website, the Canada-based MOM dispensary also offers a plethora of other cannabis-related products.

BC Bud Supply offers cannabis concentrates, including oils, hash, wax, shatter, and tinctures, chocolate as well as candy marijuana edibles, vapes, and various CBD products, and it exclusively sources its marijuana from the best local farmers.

The Canadian company is paying special attention during its selection processes to ensure that any cannabis you order comes from the finest pesticide-free and naturally grown marijuana plants in Canada.

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BC Bud Supply Rewards Program

If you shop at BC Bud Supply you will earn credit points with every order. These store credits are valued at 5 percent of your total purchase value, which means you will earn one point for every $20 you spend, and if you refer a friend, you will both receive a $15 coupon for your next order.

Each of these credit points is worth $1 and can be spent in-store on all products. Additionally, you can earn points for writing reviews about the products you got. More precisely, you can get two in-store credits for every review you write and three for every review that includes a photo of the product you got.

Talking about reviews, we got the chance to review some products that we got from BC Bud Supply. BC Bud Supply sent us three different AAAA cannabis strains, namely Skywalker OG, an Indica strain that definitely honors its name, making you feel like you are about to take off into hyperspace and to a galaxy far, far away, Purple Urkle, which is an Indica strain that might be your favorite new daily, and Tuna Rock, which is an Indica-dominant strain with an earthy aroma that has a cheerful effect and is perfect for relaxing.

Further, BC Bud Supply sent us Milky Way Extracts THC vape cartridges and the corresponding Milky Way Extracts 510 Thread Battery with variable voltage and USB charger.

If you want to see our full reviews, you can find our review of the cannabis strains here and the review of the THC cartridges here. That being said, BC Bud Supply did definitely deliver on the promises it made on its website. The descriptions of the products are spot on, just like the quality of the weed and the cartridges.

Top-quality products and services at competitive prices

If you live in Canada and want to get high-quality cannabis flowers or any other cannabis-related products at a fair price, you should give BC Bud Supply a try. This Canadian MOM dispensary accepts credit cards, Interac e-Transfer, and even Bitcoin, so there should be no problems when it comes to paying.

Also, BC Bud Supply offers a top customer support team that is available around the clock as well as free shipping on all orders worth $100 or over. With an amazing rewards program and an even better selection of cannabis strain, BC Bud Supply is your Canadian one-stop shop for cannabis.

Check out its website, and while you are at it, you might as well use the opportunity to get a free $15 coupon for a friend with your first purchase.

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