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Indiana Jones! Does Harrison Ford Smoke Weed?

Whether you love him as Indiana Jones, Han Solo or even Deckard in Blade Runner.. what we really want to know is does Harrison Ford smoke weed?

Watch – Does Harrison Ford Smoke Weed?

does harrison ford smoke weed video - Indiana Jones! Does Harrison Ford Smoke Weed?

Although he has yet to admit it and most likely won’t admit it, while shooting “Star Wars”, Harrison Ford smoked weed according to his co-star Carrie Fisher. In her memoir “The Princess Diaries”, Fisher recalls smoking with Ford, “Where at the onset it was all giggles and munchies and floating in a friendly haze – it suddenly became creepy and dark and scary… This was when I was about 19, while I was filming Star Wars.” This marijuana, which Fisher called “brutal strength” cannabis, was so strong that she forgot most of what happened while filming in 1976.

She’s not the only one who smoked with Ford though, as he offered David Litchfield “this all-American reefer” in the 1970s. Ford admitted he didn’t smoke while working, “Nope. I can’t even admit it exists.” He then proceeded to describe the weed he was smoking, “This is not Cannabis indica, or Cannabis sativa, this is Cannabis rutica, a real strong dope.” If anyone has any idea what this real strong cannabis rutica is, where can we get some?

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