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The Business of Weed Canadian Cannabis Business Directory relaunched! Canadian Cannabis Business Directory relaunched

With only so many hours in any given day to work on the site, I’m pleased to announce that the Canadian Cannabis Business Directory has finally been relaunched!

What’s the big deal? Well.. You can’t buy paid advertising on Facebook or Google for anything cannabis-related, so companies need to find other avenues to promote their businesses.

It’s not like I’ve neglected this portion of the WeedLoving site, the original business directory was built on top of WordPress and was clear early on that it wasn’t going to scale very well as the site got bigger. I made the painful decision to tear everything down and start from scratch. – Canadian Cannabis Business Directory V1

weedloving business directory relaunched 2 - Canadian Cannabis Business Directory relaunched!

Let’s go back just over a year ago where this whole journey started. Building a marijuana site 101 and explaining what this was all about to my Mom.

With a majority Liberal government and despite lots of fussing from the opposition, it was clear that cannabis was eventually going to be legal in Canada.

Working at a content marketing agency, I took a leap of faith to quit my job and start building WeedLoving full-time.

weedloving business directory relaunched 4 - Canadian Cannabis Business Directory relaunched!

I also owned a non-cannabis business directory that I had been working on for over two years, my original decision was to try and sell the my old business directory and put those proceeds towards WeedLoving.

Long story short, I didn’t find a buyer for the site so I retired my WordPress version of the directory and made the decision to morph my old business directory to include cannabis companies as well. – Canadian Cannabis Business Directory V2

weedloving business directory relaunched 3 - Canadian Cannabis Business Directory relaunched!

Most recently, getting things fixed and relaunching the business directory..

I upgraded my hosting (for the third time) a few weeks ago to AWS, knowing there were some outstanding technical issues that needed to be addressed. We invested some serious time last week to start testing everything across the directory, and we’re happy to announce that everything is working and the directory is up and running properly.

It’s free to add your business to the directory, though you must be a Canadian company to be approved.

Also note that we only accept legal cannabis companies, no illegal marijuana dispensaries, edibles, seeds etc are permitted on the site.

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