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Best Stoner Movies

Best Stoner Movies – Leonardo DiCaprio makes The Beach a trip worth taking!

Best Stoner Movies: The Beach

I had just finished having a fight with my ex-girlfriend over dinner and went home early for the night. I can remember having a couple of beers and rolling up a joint when I saw The Beach come up on my TV. I had seen the trailer for it when it was at the theatre, but didn’t really know much about the movie.

Where else can you go a secret beach, where the legend is that the island is made up of massive marijuana fields and the most beautiful beach in the world. Leonardo DiCaprio does the movie well, only after realizing that is was another gem from Danny Boyle. Released almost 20 years ago, The Beach is definitely one of the best stoner movies you’ll want to watch again.

Watch – Best Stoner Movies: The Beach (Trailer)

Best Stoner Movies: The Beach

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