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The Best 5 Ways to take CBD. It’s not just smoking joints!

The Best 5 Ways to Take CBD. It's not just smoking joints!

As Canadians are learning all about the benefits of CBD, we’re all quickly learning that it’s not just about smoking joints. Here are the best 5 ways to take CBD!

You can ingest CBD any way you’d ingest anything else. Put it in your coffee, in a pill, in your food, in your makeup, in a lotion, or in your bath, the ways to get CBD into your system are endless. You can even smoke CBD joints, as you would more traditional THC cannabis flower. That said, there’s a time and place for each type of consumption method.

Watch – The Best 5 Ways to Take CBD

5 best ways take cbd video - The Best 5 Ways to take CBD. It's not just smoking joints!

Civilized caught up with Willy Christie, a wellness consultant at The Pottery dispensary in Los Angeles, to learn about when and why to take a CBD sublingual spray, a tincture, a balm, or capsule. But be sure that whichever way you take your CBD, you know where it comes from. There are marked differences between hemp- and marijuana-derived CBD, most notably, how many other plant compounds will make it into your product.

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