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The Art of Growing Weed

Growing your own weed? The 5 Most Popular Marijuana Strains you can grow at home

popular types weed grow featured - Growing your own weed? The 5 Most Popular Marijuana Strains you can grow at home

One of the areas that we want to grow out on the site is tips on growing your own marijuana as that will be a huge area of interest with most provinces now allowing Canadians to grow 4 plants at home.

We already have a review/unboxing of Argyle seeds from Tweed, currently sold out on the OCS and asking a ridiculous $60 for 4 seeds when available.

We’ll continue to build out areas on our discussion forums where people can post pics of their plants and ask questions about how to best harvest their crops.

Watch – The 5 Most Popular Home Grown Marijuana Strains

Like any other plant, growing marijuana is a challenge and task that requires a number of skills. Cannabis plants come in all forms, requiring specific care depending on the particular strain. Some strains are easier to grow than others, because they produce a higher yield or require a shorter flowering period. Unfortunately, many beginner growers opt for the more budget friendly strains, though they may ultimately cost more because they may be more difficult to grow. For this reason, there are a number of popular home grown marijuana strains that yield some of the best flowers.

In addition to being one of these popular home grown marijuana strains, Jack Herer is arguably one of the most popular and best strains in the industry. This particular strain is great for beginners because Jack Herer requires a fairly effortless growing process. Jack Herer is also a heavy yielding plant, so with little effort, growers will produce plenty of flowers. Purple Kush is another popular home grown strain that is slightly more challenging to grow, yet it thrives in both indoors and outdoors. These distinct, dense purple buds produce flowers with THC levels as high as 27%.

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