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We loved her in That ’70s Show.. Does Mila Kunis Smoke Weed?

mila kunis smoke weed featured - We loved her in That '70s Show.. Does Mila Kunis Smoke Weed?

While on “That ‘70s Show”, Kunis sat in a number of smoke circles, which the show became notorious for, so it’s fair to assume that smoking occurred off-camera as well. When Kunis started on the show she was just 14 years old, so it’s very unlikely she smoked until she later appeared in movies as an adult. In 2011, she starred in “Friends with Benefits” with Justin Timberlake and Woody Harrelson, who’s known for smoking a lot of weed, which Timberlake confirmed, “Everybody wants to know: ‘Did you smoke pot with Woody?’ We did! He gets the most gut-busting laughs.” Unfortunately, this famous pot circle wasn’t shown on TV like “That ‘70s Show”, but it’s fair to assume that Kunis has smoked in both of them.

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