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OCS Contamination Alert: Redecan Cannabis Products found with signs of bug infestation!

redecan bugs featured - OCS Contamination Alert: Redecan Cannabis Products found with signs of bug infestation!

In always trying to be a responsible website owner, beyond posting funny weed videos and other light-hearted content, it also means I owe it to my readers to publish issues of genuine concern.. This is one of those times

Update: Redecan Responds
Massive OCS Complaints: Redecan recalls $200,000 in suspected bug infested weed, CityNews tours facility

Through comments on Reddit and Youtube videos posted of Redecan products from the OCS, some readers pointed out that it looked like some Redecan products showed evidence that they were infested with signs of burrowing, mold and bug contamination. (Thanks to SafeBud for putting all of this together and getting it out to the public)

Common enough problem, marijuana like any other plant can face many pesky critters.. The big question is how did Redecan not find them through their quality assurance testing process before being shipped to customers.

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Known Contaminated Redecan Lot Numbers – there may be others


  • Lot # 2B1L2 packaged aug 3, 2018

  • Lot #2b1l2 packaged aug 3, 2018

Shark Shock

  • lot #1B2L3 Packaged oct 24, 2018

White Shark

  • lot #2b1l1 Aug 7, 2018

God Bud

  • lot #1b1l3 packaged aug 7, 2018

White Widow

  • lot # 3b1l2 packaged july 20, 2018


  • lot #3b1l3 packaged aug 6, 2018

  • lot #3b1l3 aug 6, 2018 (yes, twice)


  • Lot # 4b1l1 packaged aug 15, 2018

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Does it mean that all Redecan products are infested?
Absolutely not. This could be an isolated incident, but they will need to check all of their grow facilities to make sure this doesn’t happen again

I bought weed from Redecan, will I die from smoking it?
No. You probably got pretty high too. Romaine lettuce is dangerous, this is just kinda gross

This never happened to me when I bought from my dealer, should I go back?
Hell no. Your guy “Fred” probably didn’t brush his teeth this morning and hasn’t changed his underwear in a week. Are you sure this has never happened before?

Is marijuana sold by the government safe to consume?
Absolutely. Licensed cannabis producers have to go through some of the strictest quality control and testing inspection measures before it’s sold anywhere in the world

I will provide any updates from Redecan as they become available, but every Canadian licensed cannabis producer should take full note of this and make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

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