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Legal Marijuana in Canada

Amid pot legalization border uncertainty, feds’ advice? Don’t lie

amid pot legalization featured - Amid pot legalization border uncertainty, feds' advice? Don't lie

This week, the Senate National Security and Defence Committee issued its report on the federal marijuana legalization legislation, Bill C-45. It offered several recommendations to the federal government relating to addressing Canada-U.S. border issues, including:

  • Engaging in formal and political talks with the U.S. government to clarify their position on Canadians crossing the border;
  • Negotiating an agreement on the treatment of travellers at the U.S. border related to marijuana that includes the kinds of questions that can be asked; and,
  • Preventing additional stops, interrogations, or searches by U.S. custom officers as the result of legalized marijuana.

Watch – “Don’t lie” to U.S. border guards about pot use: Bill Blair

In an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period, parliamentary secretary Bill Blair said talks are ongoing talks between Canadian officials and their American counterparts, but advises that no matter what, Canadians shouldn’t lie about their marijuana use.

border pot dont lie cops video1 1024x477 - Amid pot legalization border uncertainty, feds' advice? Don't lie

Bonus Coverage.. CBC with Bill Blair

The Federal Liberals’ push to legalize recreational weed in Canada is facing serious setbacks, from the Senate to Indigenous groups to health regulators — and the industry is taking a hit in the markets. Prime Minister Trudeau insists the bill will pass, and will put an end to the pot black market, but critics have their doubts. Former Toronto top cop Bill Blair is the point man on the weed file — and he explains how the bill will eliminate the illegal pot trade.

Watch – Will Canada go to pot?

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Original Article – CTV News

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