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Police uncover £80k cannabis farm after spotting roof with mysterious lack of snow..

no snow on roof1 - Police uncover £80k cannabis farm after spotting roof with mysterious lack of snow..

Original Article – The Sun

Police uncover £80k cannabis farm after spotting roof with mysterious lack of snow in West Yorkshire amid Storm Emma

Officers from West Yorkshire Police discovered a huge cannabis farm worth £80,000 inside a house in Keighley on Thursday. Press Association

Officers noticed a mysterious lack of ice on the tiles and raided the property on Arctic Street in Keighley where they found 322 plants – some reaching almost 6ft – inside.

Heat lamps used to cultivate the huge cannabis den, which spread across four rooms and the cellar, had melted the ice and snow from the roof following the blizzard on Thursday.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police were greeted by a strong smell of cannabis as they approached the house – but found no-one home at the time.

PC James Butterfield said his “size 10 boots came in handy” when kicking down the door.

He tweeted: “Removing this filth from the streets is always great.

The eagle-eyed officers spotted the lack of snow on the roof and went to investigate. Ben Lack

Officers noticed a distinct smell coming from the property and found dozens of cannabis plants inside. South West News Service

“Knowing that the morons responsible for it are £80k out of pocket is a Bruceybonus! #didntwedowell.”

PC Caroline Foster, an early intervention and prevention officer in Keighley West, tweeted a picture of the plants, saying: “Whilst the snow has kept the burglars at bay it has also helped us in finding some rather large plants…hmmm I wonder why there is no snow on your roof?”

Neighbour Paul Watson, a 38-year-old forklift driver, says the occupants were two men, but rarely saw them come into the property.

He said: “We thought it was a couple of guys living there. They have only been in a short time, probably a few months before Christmas.

PC James Butterfield tweeted a picture which appears to show him holding one of the plants found inside the property in West Yorkshire

“I was surprised when I heard what was next door, although I have heard someone tried this once before on this street.”

“These properties have two entrances but we hardly ever saw anyone go in when we were home.

“The odd occasion you would see a guy come in but I never saw any women.

“We just thought they were two guys who just got up early, went to work. We never spoke to them.

A strong heat source is required to cultivate a cannabis den, meaning any snow that landed on the building’s roof during the cold spell had melted. Press Association

“The only signs that we thought something was up was how hot some of our rooms were.

“The heat from their side would just pass through. We just assumed they just like living in a warm house and just had the heating on quite a lot.

“I would also get an occasional smell in the breeze when I was walking out the house for work of someone smoking something but I could not exactly tell where it was coming from.”

Police had first been alerted to the property by community intelligence, and visited it at around 2pm on Thursday.

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